Dragon Hotel

West Lake

West Lake – biggest freshwater lake of Ha Noi

Closed to the hotel

West Lake is located at the north west of Ha Noi, with the area of approximately 500ha, the circumference is about 20km.  Researches proved that this lake is a stage remains of the Red River, afterwards it changed the stream, up to thousand years ago.

West Lake was previously called Mu Suong Lake (Dam Dam), Golden Buffalo Lake (Kim Nguu lake), Xac Cao Swamp. Each name has been the origin legends of the West Lake.

Michel – a French tourist said that: it was the fouth time he had come to Ha Noi, but he couldn’t remember exactly how many times presenting at West Lake thanks to the charing and moved sightseeing of this tourist attraction.

West Lake is the most romantic conner in the multipled-color picture of Ha Noi and the world of the pure & fresh air. It is also the reason why this place is always the inspiration for poets, writers, artists… to product many songs, poems about West Lake.

West Lake is beautiful, not only because of the vast blue surface, the violet color of lagerstroemia trees, Red rose petals falling in summer, the vague sadness of the willows in winter, the sparkling of the dawn fresh air… but also because it is such a big heart that empathizes with people’s emotion and mood, whether they are happy or blue.

Every morning, hundred of people, both young and old come here to breath in the pure atmosphere and do exercises. The Thanh Nien street nearby is the gateway for the bikes full of flowers and hawkers to “flow” into Ha Noi.

West Lake has been becoming the rendezvous for everyone. Being the boundary between West Lake and Truc Bach Lake, Thanh Nien street is so beautiful that it attract citizens in the late of afternoon.