Dragon Hotel

Ha Noi Old Quarter

Visiting Ha Noi Old Quarter in one day. Nothing is impossible!

4 km from the hotel.

Ha Noi Old Quarter is always the first choice for those who visit Ha Noi. It is considered as the kernel of the city’s culture, cuisine and specifically the old memories with numerous Vietnamese glorious milestones, yet still maintain the unique peace and quiet of Ha Noi citizen. Do not have much time? It will be a little bit hard to travel around Ha Noi Old Quarter in one day, but nothing is impossible!

Ha Noi Old Quarter is rather large, consisting of 36 old streets, so it will be hard for tourists to travel in one day, but it is not impossible. Having lived in Hanoi since birth, today I wanna share the travelling experiments, playing grounds and food centers of the Ha Noi Old Quarter to everyone, I hope that you will have a meaningful and unforgettable travel in Ha Noi Old Quarter.

If you never came to Ha Noi, you will immediately want to come to this city after reading this article. You will have changes to discover and learn the Ha Noi daily life and enjoy numerous 100-year-old architectures. It will be an excellent idea to discover this magnificent old quarter with your friends!