Dragon Hotel


Combo Menu

Dragon Restaurant offers special promotions for groups, companies and organizations with minimum of 10 guests. We also provide our guests the multiple options and promotions for choices in accordance with our set-combo menu of the Restaurant. We sure that our guests will feel the best service at Dragon Restaurant: SET…

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Dishes Menu

Upon entering the Dragon Restaurant, guests will be amazed by an architecture and traditional envoironment. The restaurant seems to associate with Ha Noi Culture, full of traditional Vietnamese and European Cuisines, which are full of flavors and colors in such a unique environment of the Dragon. A, MAIN COURSE: 1,…

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Restaurant Info

A, LOCATION Situated in Xuan Dieu Street, next to the romantic West Lake, the Dragon Restaurant attracts visitors with its natural beauty and traditional style. The Dragon Restaurant is always an ideal choice for diners who want to enjoy the unique cuisine of Vietnam and Europe. With the spacious design…

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